What is life planning? Life planning is a guided process by which an individual takes stock of his or her life, clarifies goals and challenges, and identifies steps needed to move forward. A life planning professional can help address relevant issues and find resources - people and information - needed for a successful transition.

Life planning is often collaborative because life issues cross over more than one legal discipline. As a result, you may need to work with more than one professional, including financial planners, attorneys, coaches, counselors and other professionals.

You may have particular ideas about life decisions and about the inevitable "final plans" for the end of life. We are prepared to help you with services and resources to make these plans for yourself or for your loved-ones.

Our services include:

Bonaventure means "good journey." The best way to ensure a good or safe journey is to plan ahead - maps, packing, preparing for alterations and a parachute for life's unexpected turns.

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